Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Zeros

Are these the cutest things or what?? These are new stuffed animals called super zeros. We have Zebub the Zebra who is super good at hiding, but always gets lost. Zieo the Hippo who can swim, but he doesn't like getting wet. Zonk the Monkey who is a super good climber, but is scared of hieghts. Zola the Koala who can stay awake all night long, but always falls asleep in the day. Zaza the Mouse who can crawl through small spaces, but is scared of the dark. Last but not least we have Zoco the Crocodile who can chew through anything, but his teeth are always dirty. Each animal has its own little cape that you can take off, and it can be a little tiny blanket!! How cute??


  1. Did you read that the little capes that they have on their backs are also little tiny baby blankets??